New Single DISTANCE Now Available Hear it Live! LA Show 2/27/19

Los Angeles Folks:
I’m performing in your area!

Songwriter Showcase
hosted by Lauri Reimer
Wednesday Feb 27
7-10;30 PM
Molly Malone’s Irish Pub
575 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

7:00pm KIMBERLY HAYNES with Vito Gregoli
9:40pm BETH SASS

$10 cover for the night

Join host Lauri Reimer for a night of original music featuring the works of 5 talented singer/songwriters. We’re also celebrating Alfred Johnson’s birthday! Kimberly Haynes brings forth an uplifting invitation to discover a sacred space deep within the heart. ALFRED JOHNSON is an animated, keyboardist who co-wrote with Rickie Lee Jones & has had songs covered by Diane Reeves & Ernie Watts; THE PAINKILLERS perform soulful, bluesy songs written by multi-instrumentalist Steven Moos that feature rich vocal harmonies and tasty guitar work by Don Kirkpatrick; Rob Bonfiglio recently released his 5th solo album & is also musical director for multi-platinum selling pop group Wilson Phillips; Beth Sass is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and a Casio Digital Piano keyboardist; LAURI REIMER is a promoter, event producer, singer/songwriter/guitarist & background vocalist.

KIMBERLY HAYNES with Vito Gregoli – Kindled by an awareness of divine guidance and conscious connection with spirit, singer/songwriter KIMBERLY HAYNES brings forth an uplifting invitation to discover a sacred space deep within the heart. The spectrum of her eclectic and enlightening songs evokes both the tenderness of a mother’s touch and the ancient feminine power of a tribal priestess singing her truth. Her debut album “Awaken Me” was nominated for Best Vocal Album and Album of the Year in OneWorldMusic awards and was recently reviewed in LAYoga Magazine. She is accompanied by her co-producer and co-conspirator David Vito Gregoli.

ALFRED JOHNSON is a highly regarded singer/songwriter & funky piano player and is considered by some one of this century’s most animated & original songwriters. Alfred co-wrote 3 songs with RICKIE LEE JONES on her Platinum Grammy Award winning premiere album containing the hit single ‘Chuck E’s in Love’. His energetic style of playing the keys brings a wonderful compliment to his music. Alfred’s songs have been covered by Diane Reeves & Ernie Watts. Known for his clever song crafting, Alfred’s lyric-driven tunes will captivate you. His music encompasses Funk, New Orleans, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Soul, Gospel, “Rhythm & Bluegrass,” and more. Alfred has written over 900 tunes, and at least 70 of them are published.

THE PAINKILLERS semi-acoustic show – Playing a collection of songwriter Steven Moos’ soulful, bluesy tunes & some choice covers, each Painkillers’ performance is a unique and memorable musical experience. What’s special about this band is the organic energy, great vocal harmonies, and interplay between founding members Steve Moos and lead guitarist Don Kirkpatrick. Joining them on background vocals, Carol McArthur & Lauri Reimer, and Julia “The Duchess” Thornton on percussion.

ROB BONFIGLIO is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and musical director for the multi-platinum pop group Wilson Phillips. He produced their most recent album, Dedicated. In addition to session work and touring, Rob is a solo indie pop rock singer/songwriter with a soulful bend reflecting his Philly roots; he has 5 albums to date: Freeway (2014), Mea Culpa (2013), Bring on the Happy (2009), Shine (under the name The Skies of America) (2006), and his fifth, “TROUBLE AGAIN”, (2018). Rob was guitarist and co-founder of the former RCA power pop band Wanderlust, and frequently lends his sideman talents to several L.A. based artists. He’s currently in Brian Wilson’s touring band.

BETH SASS Is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter & keyboardist and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. She was a staff songwriter on Music Row for the band Alabama and toured as a keyboard player for The Platters, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Marvellettes, The Shangri Lah’s, but her passion remains in writing, recording, and teaching. Beth has 4 albums out including her latest project, WEBS (2018), a collaboration with the famed recording artist Walter Egan (Magnet & Steel). She’s had 4 singles released including her latest one called “Distance”. Beth is a Casio Digital Piano Artist and the founder of the new Nashville chapter of Richard Gibb’s Malibu-based Composers Breakfast Club.

LAURI REIMER, show host, is a promoter, event producer, singer/songwriter/guitarist & background vocalist. She has worked as a booking manager for several venues in LA and is a member of The Tribe, a musical collective that performs all-star events including charity concerts.

BETH SASS: MIND YOUR OWN MUSIC BUSINESS with host and producer Jesse Goldberg


Thank you Nashville’s NECAT Network ‘s host and producer Jesse Goldberg for a fun and insightful conversation about music life in Brookline High School Class of 1975 (Nancy Partridge) early pop music as 80’s Berklee Alumni, touring throughout New England (Blind Murray/Scott Lilliott) Writing and recording with greats (Walter Lindsay Egan Richard Adler Bruce Dees Jerry Kimbrough) and of course teaching @World Music Nashville. On my way to Boston for the last show of 2018 Beth Sass: Nearly New Years at Dedham Square Coffeehouse with dear friends Scott Lilliott Bass and Kathy Burkly Percussion. December 29! See you there!

WEBS: Beth Sass with Walter Egan Private Showcase @RockCellarMagazine, Los Angeles

WEBS: Beth Sass with Walter Egan Private Showcase @RockCellarMagazine, Los Angeles

“W E B S” Beth Sass with Walter Egan COMING THIS MARCH

Favs from SummerNAMM 2017

“HARMONY IN UNISON” Live Feed Rocks!


Great fun reaching out across the world…  played an hour with my buddies Eric Dahl and John Mahoney via   “Harmony In Unison”…..a Virtual Stage. Here you can find live daily performances Sunday-Thursday of some of your favorite artists and up-and-coming artists. Under the EVENTS tab you can see the schedule of performers and their performance times. To hear them, just return to this page at the scheduled time and in the discussion section their live feed will appear. Feel free to interact with the performers via comments during and after their performance. If you miss a live one, you can see the archived video under the videos tab…… Stacy Beyer and Beth Schafer, HIU Administrators”

#Fox 17 #Nashville #Casio CGP 700 #BethSassMusic

Taped FOX 17 interview and discusion about the #CasioCGP700 plus upcoming #Beth Sass Singer Songwriter projects, gigs, music, and more on RockandReview on Fox 17 NASHVILLE. This show, specially designed to keep musicians in the know, is hosted and  developed by good friend Eric Dahl. Broadcast available late November/early December  in various formats: Live, stream, Youtube.

Beth Sass Music @ ” Inside Scoop from Music Sups ” July 2015 NASHVILLE

Independent Publishing and Recording Company BETH SASS MUSIC  was present at AIMP’s event at THE LISTENING ROOM, NASHVILLE on July 23,2015. Thanks to sponsors  Kalatech, Warner Chappell Production Music, and OLE,  ” this event [put] together top music supervisors in TV, film, trailers and ads with Nashville’s most successful (independent) music publishers”.

Beth Sass joining Walter Egan: House Concert Los Angeles 6/20/2015

You’re Invited!  The incredibly talented singersongwriter Walter Lindsay Egan(‪#‎MagnetandSteel‬), will perform 2 sets up close and personal at the home of the legendary Pamela Des Barres on Saturday, June 20 at 4:00pm 4226 Redwood Avenue, Mar Vista CA 90066. Doors open at 4, show at 5 pm. Since I’m in LA next week, I am joining in on a song we just cowrote…”should be a legendary afternoon!!  $10 (or more if you like) at the door…bring pot-luck dishes if so inclined”

The First Post of The #Summer (In #Nashville…summer starts Memorial Day!)

#singersongwriter news from #BethSassMusic 🙂

I am pulling together material from three sources for my next album!

First of all, it will include two digital singles recorded and written with Jerry Kimbrough that have already been released: HUNTINGTON AVENUE and MY FAVORITE TARGET.  It will also include two acoustic tracks I recorded with Bruce Dees: HANDS ON THE WHEEL (two versions: one with acoustic piano and one with acoustic guitar) and HARDEST PART OF TOWN.  Finally, it will also  include new several new songs written and recorded with Walter Egan over the past year. Here’s a sneak peak of  MASTER OF THE YEARS.

Additionally, I  hope everyone has also been enjoying my Archival Soundcloud Page, where many early and unreleased recordings are “seeing the light of day”, as Bruce Dees likes to say.

BETH SASS MUSIC Featured Along With Top Artists On Poignant Blog, Part #1

Beth Sass Music is thrilled to announce that  “Watercolor Lake”  is included among those of #‎SaraMclachlan‬,‪#‎Enya‬,‪#‎ReginaSpektor‬, ‪#‎JoshGroban‬,‪#‎LanaDelRey on blog “32 BEAUTIFUL, EMOTIONAL SONGS TO BE SAD, REFLECTIVE, DEPRESSED, AND MELANCHOLY TO”.  We love these curated blogs, as well the owners who spend the so-precious time.  Thanks to curator Nalini Marquez, views of the song video are soaring.

Click on image below to enter blog:


My Musical Life: June 2014

Hello to everyone! I am pleased to share the following current notes and moments from my musical life:

My new favorite musician moment: When someone closes their eyes while listening to works in progress.
The ultimate: exquisite attention. Great to experience producer #Jerry Kimbrough deep in thought as he compares two very similar vocals. We are closing in on two more cuts.

Also great to hear from local production and media outlet executive via Linked In who shares many moments in my time line. Berklee College, Maypop Music, classic rock acts, and now film/tv tracks. Got me thinking about #Pharell William’s many-year-overnight-success is linked to a million mini events of support over the a “mosaic”…in his words. I am affected by his willingness to share so openly his own thrill of this process.

Speaking of timelines, I was moved by #Normal Heart on HBO. Remembering Buddies/Boston: 1980-81. While hundreds of passionates swarmed the piano bar and disco each sunday afternoon, I was coming of age as a singer songwriter with the help of much needed and gratefully appreciated adoration.

By popular demand, I now have a Beth Sass Music YouTube channel. I’ve created 2 separate playlists for videos of my album KNOWING ME: with vocals and instrumental only. This means I am now searchable AND findable on YouTube.

Finally, on a personal note, I am thrilled to announce that my daughter, a rising violinist,singer-songwriter, and guitarist, has been accepted into the Advanced Jam Camp this summer here in Nashville, where she will get to hobnob with many like-minded talented teens and young adults.

Disney’s Vincent @ “From Song To Sync” Panel, #Nashville Film Festival

The 2013 Nashville Film Festival sponsored a panel of music supervisors and executives from Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York yesterday here. Especially notable for his wisdom and insight was Steve Vincent, Disney Channel VP Music & Soundtracks. As for the quest to place the best fit music to picture, he believes a song ” finds its right place….”.  And it’s nice to hear his perspective on the tv/flim industry’s side of the search for songs: “There’s plenty of good music out there. The companies HAVE to find it”.

Kudos for CD “KNOWING ME” from The Best Female Vocalist EVER :)

Beth’s evocative lyrics, unusual melodies and rich vocal quality are enhanced by her own piano accompaniment. Arranger Jerry Kimbrough completes the picture with multi-textured orchestration. Moody and captivating!  -Lisa Silver, Nashville Singer, Songwriter, Liturgical Soloist, Violinist


From The Archives: “Stampede”included in Americana Compilation CD


A wistful take on Americana!  Upon listening to “Seven Songs”, I was reminded of that honest, organic sound similar to that of artists like Mary Lou Lord or Patti Smith. That being said, you are able to maintain your individuality by blending a myriad of influences and forging an eclectic take on the singer/songwriter genre. This can definitely be heard in songs like “I Forgive Myself” and “Dying Breed”. I love the twangy Emerson, Lake and Palmer-ishintro in “I Forgive Myself”. This wry little shanty then continues via crisp acoustics atop drving cadence- very catchy.I must say, though, that “Stampede” is probably my favorite song off the album. Again, another flawless intro with escalating electric lead atop the backing guitars. This song has just the type of melody that leaves an impression on first-time listeners. All in all, “Seven Songs” radiates with pastoral goodness and boasts of proficient songwriting. We here at Shut Eye would love to feature you on the third edition of our “This Is Alt Country” Compilation  .-RYAN HOFFER, 

From the Archives: Gail Worley Reviews CD “Seven Songs”

Beth Sass is “sassy”! She reminds me of former teen singing star, Debbie Gibson, if she had gone Country instead of going into musical theater. Beth has a lovley, lilting voice and can hit all the high notes. The more you hear her songs, the more they grow on you. I like her better than Faith Hill, too. On “I Forgive Myself” — which is like a country version of Joan Jett’s immortal “I Hate Myself for Loving You” — it’s refreshing that she sings “I don’t even want to work it out,” rather than something ultra-lame like “take me back or I’ll die,” because lyrics like that are so played and make me want to scream and punch walls. I noticed also that her performance of this fine song recalls the great Judy Collins and I can imagine hearing Beth belt out an awesome cover version of Ian Tyson’s “Some Day Soon” (which Judy covered so definitively way back in the day). That would rule!

Read Original Review from Starpolish

Kudos From Pro Drummer Dotson for CD “Knowing Me”

Because of how long I’ve been playing and doing it professionally, music has to be interesting to me both lyrically and production-wise. In  album KNOWING ME, the strong Peter Gabriel-like production doesn’t overshadow the equally strong lyrics. I felt the balance between the two was excellent, which is always the most important thing for me. I would recommend this album highly for either one. Not to mention I would listen to it for Beth’s keyboard playing/ voicings alone!

In His Own Words: Producer Kimbrough about Beth Sass

Beth Sass accepts. She watches, she listens, she feels, she accepts. Based on her acceptance, she moves on, or not, with no blaming or whining. She is respectfully honest with whomever might be listening…especially herself. Her songs are tightly crafted narratives, movies that will necessarily play differently in your imagination than in hers. She accepts that too.JERRY KIMBROUGH, PRODUCER, ARRANGER, ENGINEER, SESSION GUITATIST

Pastor-Writer-Musician John Hamilton Captures Beth Sass’ Musical Essence

Beth Sass is an American original, taking the bricolage of the every day and crafting it into something so deep and penetrating that it becomes almost sacred. Her voice, which has always been an amazing instrument, now has the texture of time and the timbre of wisdom — while lulling you into thinking you’re listening to a pop song. Her lyrics are stark and unusual (“tomorrow ripped me from your mouth”; “I should find a place where someone understands/that I am who I am/but I don’t want to work that hard”(!)) — the pure drop of economy. And have three chords and the truth ever been so brilliantly demonstrated than on the chorus “Knowing Me”? This is music that defies labels, crosses in and out of styles effortlessly, is beholden to no other artist. But somehow you know you’ve heard it before — in the deep recesses of your heart that you, yourself, could never turn into song. Fortunately, Beth Sass has.   John Hamilton,  Pastor, First Congregational Church; musician, writer, jongleur


LA Entertainment Journalist Robyn Flans Applauds Beth Sass’ Musical Depth

If you have the guts to listen to Knowing Me by Beth Sass be prepared to confront some introspection. Her music isn’t for the shallow or fearful. She’s both musically and lyrically deep and expects the same from her listener. Her melodies and images will haunt you after you’ve turned the music off. If you are open, she’ll bring you to tears, she’ll make you examine your life and give you reason to celebrate your survival. –Robyn Flans, Los Angeles.

Adele’s “Turning Tables” Turns My Tables :)

Up until recently, I hadn’t really gotten excited about Adele. But my daughter, who purchases hundreds of downloads, asked me to listen to Turning Tables.  There’s something humbling about the link from the past to the future coming through a child that way. As a keyboard player, a singer, and a songwriter, I was pulled in to and enveloped by the dark and rich mood immediately. The chord changes that the piano defines with the arpeggios, the room for her vocal winds and turns and the conviction of the writing and performance reminds me of the fuel from feeling within a relationship that originally inspired me to start this whole process. I love being reminded of my origins and the wide open future it suggests. I am impressed that the team surrounding Adele helped capture and bring this song to fruition. Bravo! Off to write!

Andy’s Musical Victory

My students’ recital last weekend featured an especially brave personal victory for one of my kids. Andy (not real name) has Asperger’s (

He stumbled into my school several months ago courtesy of a frazzled and worried mother, who, up til that point, had only a chaotic and out-of-control almost 7 year old. Anders  attends public school, where, despite medication, he misses all/most social cues and is seen as a hyperactive disruptive force. His ONLY successful outlet: solo intensive genius-level lego play.

But with me, in his piano lesson, he suddenly and instantly morphed into a calm maestro. He focused. He was able to read music from the minute I put it in front of him. There was literally no learning curve.  What takes most children months and months to stumble through took him literally seconds. Before we knew it, he was playing Hanon exercises with both hands almost instantly. I often wept at his lesson…witnessing him angelically lit up from inside by his accomplishment.

When it was time for the group recital, no one was more prepared MUSICALLY than Anders.  But the night of the recital, when all my students gathered in my room to wait their turn, he lost it. He clowned, he drooled, he threw himself down, he ate garbage, and did whatever he could do generate a response from the other children, even if disgust or horror or anger. Some laughed with him.  I eventually had to ask him mother to restrain him and have him wait in a separate room for his turn. He was crushed that he had to go off with her.

As she left to isolate him from the other children, I asked her what the plan was if he should act out on stage. She thought for a minute and said proudly, “I want you to explain to the audience, before he plays, when you call him up, that he has Asperger’s and how miraculous his music has been for him. I will stand on the stage and take him off, if need be.”

So, after a bunch of perfectly well-behaved little folk, it was his turn. I announced him. Quiet now, he and his mother walked up to the stage together.  He solemnly took his seat at the piano. I did as the mother requested and briefed the audience about how much of a risk bringing Andy onto the stage was that night, but how music was an instant, if not one of the only wins in his life so far, and how it was crucial to give him the chance to perform.  Audience members nodded in understanding. He nodded that he was ready.

We all held our breath……… and he played beautifully. He was absolutely perfect. He earned a tremendous round of applause.

I am so moved by his heartfelt relationship to his music. May he always find comfort and pride there.