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Los Angeles Folks:
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Songwriter Showcase
hosted by Lauri Reimer
Wednesday Feb 27
7-10;30 PM
Molly Malone’s Irish Pub
575 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

7:00pm KIMBERLY HAYNES with Vito Gregoli
9:40pm BETH SASS

$10 cover for the night

Join host Lauri Reimer for a night of original music featuring the works of 5 talented singer/songwriters. We’re also celebrating Alfred Johnson’s birthday! Kimberly Haynes brings forth an uplifting invitation to discover a sacred space deep within the heart. ALFRED JOHNSON is an animated, keyboardist who co-wrote with Rickie Lee Jones & has had songs covered by Diane Reeves & Ernie Watts; THE PAINKILLERS perform soulful, bluesy songs written by multi-instrumentalist Steven Moos that feature rich vocal harmonies and tasty guitar work by Don Kirkpatrick; Rob Bonfiglio recently released his 5th solo album & is also musical director for multi-platinum selling pop group Wilson Phillips; Beth Sass is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and a Casio Digital Piano keyboardist; LAURI REIMER is a promoter, event producer, singer/songwriter/guitarist & background vocalist.

KIMBERLY HAYNES with Vito Gregoli – Kindled by an awareness of divine guidance and conscious connection with spirit, singer/songwriter KIMBERLY HAYNES brings forth an uplifting invitation to discover a sacred space deep within the heart. The spectrum of her eclectic and enlightening songs evokes both the tenderness of a mother’s touch and the ancient feminine power of a tribal priestess singing her truth. Her debut album “Awaken Me” was nominated for Best Vocal Album and Album of the Year in OneWorldMusic awards and was recently reviewed in LAYoga Magazine. She is accompanied by her co-producer and co-conspirator David Vito Gregoli.

ALFRED JOHNSON is a highly regarded singer/songwriter & funky piano player and is considered by some one of this century’s most animated & original songwriters. Alfred co-wrote 3 songs with RICKIE LEE JONES on her Platinum Grammy Award winning premiere album containing the hit single ‘Chuck E’s in Love’. His energetic style of playing the keys brings a wonderful compliment to his music. Alfred’s songs have been covered by Diane Reeves & Ernie Watts. Known for his clever song crafting, Alfred’s lyric-driven tunes will captivate you. His music encompasses Funk, New Orleans, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Soul, Gospel, “Rhythm & Bluegrass,” and more. Alfred has written over 900 tunes, and at least 70 of them are published.

THE PAINKILLERS semi-acoustic show – Playing a collection of songwriter Steven Moos’ soulful, bluesy tunes & some choice covers, each Painkillers’ performance is a unique and memorable musical experience. What’s special about this band is the organic energy, great vocal harmonies, and interplay between founding members Steve Moos and lead guitarist Don Kirkpatrick. Joining them on background vocals, Carol McArthur & Lauri Reimer, and Julia “The Duchess” Thornton on percussion.

ROB BONFIGLIO is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and musical director for the multi-platinum pop group Wilson Phillips. He produced their most recent album, Dedicated. In addition to session work and touring, Rob is a solo indie pop rock singer/songwriter with a soulful bend reflecting his Philly roots; he has 5 albums to date: Freeway (2014), Mea Culpa (2013), Bring on the Happy (2009), Shine (under the name The Skies of America) (2006), and his fifth, “TROUBLE AGAIN”, (2018). Rob was guitarist and co-founder of the former RCA power pop band Wanderlust, and frequently lends his sideman talents to several L.A. based artists. He’s currently in Brian Wilson’s touring band.

BETH SASS Is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter & keyboardist and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. She was a staff songwriter on Music Row for the band Alabama and toured as a keyboard player for The Platters, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Marvellettes, The Shangri Lah’s, but her passion remains in writing, recording, and teaching. Beth has 4 albums out including her latest project, WEBS (2018), a collaboration with the famed recording artist Walter Egan (Magnet & Steel). She’s had 4 singles released including her latest one called “Distance”. Beth is a Casio Digital Piano Artist and the founder of the new Nashville chapter of Richard Gibb’s Malibu-based Composers Breakfast Club.

LAURI REIMER, show host, is a promoter, event producer, singer/songwriter/guitarist & background vocalist. She has worked as a booking manager for several venues in LA and is a member of The Tribe, a musical collective that performs all-star events including charity concerts.

WEBS: Beth Sass with Walter Egan Private Showcase @RockCellarMagazine, Los Angeles

WEBS: Beth Sass with Walter Egan Private Showcase @RockCellarMagazine, Los Angeles