BETH SASS: MIND YOUR OWN MUSIC BUSINESS with host and producer Jesse Goldberg


Thank you Nashville’s NECAT Network ‘s host and producer Jesse Goldberg for a fun and insightful conversation about music life in Brookline High School Class of 1975 (Nancy Partridge) early pop music as 80’s Berklee Alumni, touring throughout New England (Blind Murray/Scott Lilliott) Writing and recording with greats (Walter Lindsay Egan Richard Adler Bruce Dees Jerry Kimbrough) and of course teaching @World Music Nashville. On my way to Boston for the last show of 2018 Beth Sass: Nearly New Years at Dedham Square Coffeehouse with dear friends Scott Lilliott Bass and Kathy Burkly Percussion. December 29! See you there!

Lifespans: Age 4, Age 81, and a Song: Teaching Thought 1/20/2014

On thursday mornings, I teach voice/piano to a 4 year old and an 84 year yr old .

-4 year old is in the moment and takes learning casually…-81 year old feels passionately that he has to fit in as much learning into every day as he can.

-4 year old can’t be interested in any home practice time at all. Learns it all on the spot and retains it. The 81 year old practices carefully and dutifully  in order to meet his own standards.

Thinking about lifespans makes me think about my father, who passed away at 74. Here’s a song about how it affected me.




Smart Limbs:Teaching Thought 1/18/2014


Figure out which is the smartest part of your body when doing a particular activity and use THAT part of the body to guide the rest. In music, let your hands, if they can find the notes more quickly on the piano or guitar, guide your voice, if it’s having trouble with accuracy, or vice versa. I am quicker with my voice, but I have students who are quicker with their hands who can play along while they sing the more challenging passages. In fitness, watch for smarter vrs dumber limbs and allow a dialogue between them.

Weaker sides or limbs can learn from stronger or “smarter” parts.